Commvault Simpana Online Training Course Content

Commvault Simpana Course Content

Overview of backup

Types of backup

Overview of commvault simpana

Commserver architecture

Overview of commserver

What is Mediagent and Client

Difference between commserver ,Media agent and Client

What are the Serives running on commserver,Media agent and client overview

Overview of commcell console

  • CommCell Browser and Summary
  • Job Controllery
  • Event Viewer

Commcell Console Group

  • Client Computers
  • Client computer groups
  • Security
  • Storage resources
  • polices
  • Reports

Commcell Console Access

  • Local Host
  • Remote Host
  • Web-based

User Management Overview

  • Adminstrator
  • Commcell User
  • Commcell UserGroup
  • External Groups

Essential Administration Settings

  • Add/Remove Software Configuration
  • DR Backup settings
  • Alerts overview

Storage Management

  • Tape library overview
  • Disk library overview

Media Agent’s Role in Storage

  • Indexing overview
  • Shared/Cataloged Index overview
  • Deduplication overview

Storage policies overview

  • Understanding the Role of Policies
  • Purpose of Storage Policies
  • Storage Policy Structure
  • Understanding Retention
  • Retention Cycles and Days
  • Retention and Dependent Jobs
  • Data Aging and Retention Variants

Storage Policy Types

Primary storage policy

Seconday storage policy(Secondary copy)

understanding Retension

Clients overview

Reports overviews

Commserver,Media agent and client software installation

  • Network Requirements
  • Firewall
  • Install the CommServe
  • Install the CommServe and Database Engine on Separate Computers
  • Install/Upgrade the CommServe With an Existing Database
  • Install the CommServe SNMP Enabler

Media Agent software installation

Client software installation(windows and unix)

SQL and oracle Database installation

Exchange database installation

Virual server configuration

Client(windows and unix server) addition in commvault console

Troubleshotting steps for backup failures

Diffent types of reports generation

Vault tracking policies

Commserver maintaince activity on montly basis steps

Different types of secondary copys

Control Panel Overview


  • Scheduling
  • Schedule Policy
  • Storage Policies
  • Storage Policy Copies
  • Alternate Data Paths (GridStor®)
  • Data Multiplexing
  • User Administration and Security
  • License Administration
  • Data Encryption
  • Disaster Recovery Backup
  • Updates and Service Packs


  • Operation Window
  • Activity Control
  • Job Management
  • Job Priorities and Priority Precedence
  • Job History
  • Admin Job History
  • Backup Job History
  • Client Job History
  • Recovery/Retrieve Job History
  • Restore Job History


  • Auxiliary Copy
  • Data Aging
  • Data verification
  • Media Refresh


  • Alerts
  • SNMP Enablers
  • Event Viewer
  • Reports
  • Services
  • Audit Trail
  • Log Files

CommServe® Operations

  • Disaster Recovery Backup
  • Data Aging
  • Auxiliary Copy
  • Download Automatic Updates
  • Install Updates
  • Send Log Files
  • Event Search
  • View Schedules
  • View Admin Job Historyh
  • View Log Files
  • View Users Logged In

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