QA Manual Testing Training


QA Manual Testing course content


• What are the different phases of SDLC?
• How does the process of Software Development Start?
• Project Initiation
• Requirement Gathering and Analysis
• What is Requirement document and what it contains?
• What is use case document and what it contains?
• What is Basic path and Alternate Path?
• Role of Business Analyst
• Example for explaining each phase
• Role of technical specification team
• What is Technical specification document?
• What is System Design?
• Role of Design team
• What is design document?
• Role of architecture team
• System development
• Role of development team
• Deliverable of Development phase
• System testing
• Role of testers and types of testing
• User acceptance testing
• System deployment
• System maintenance
• Events in the maintenance phase like bug fixes


• How are the phases of STLC carried out?
• What is testing?
• Role of testers
• Why do we need to test?
• Activities involved in the testing phase
• What is test plan and test case document?
• Steps of test case execution
• What does test case document contain?
• How to write test case document?
• What is required to test any application?


• What is test case?
• What does test case document contain?
• How to write test case document?
• Different test case techniques


• What is Test Plan?
• How to write test plan document?
• What does the test plan document contain?
• Who writes and approves the test plan document?
• How manage the test case documents?
• What is the pass/fail criterion?


• Different Phases of testing
• What is unit testing?
• What is Minimum acceptance testing?
• What is integration, system and system integration testing?
• What is User acceptance testing?
• What is Regression Testing?


• What is a defect?
• Various Defect tracking tools
• How to use the defect tracking tools?
• How to enter the details of defect in the defect tracking tool?
• How to identify a defect?
• What is severity and priority?


• What is Traceability Matrix[TM]?
• Who Prepares the TM document?
• What is the reference for writing TM?
• What is the use of TM?
• What is present in the TM document?
• Sample TM
• Tools used for developing TM

Various Teams and their Roles

• Configuration Management Team
• Role of configuration management team
• What is Deployment?
• Deployment Team
• Role of Deployment team
• Version Control
• Various version tools and its usage
• Difference between QC and QA
• What is automation testing?
• Why, what and when to automate?
• Various tools used for automation testing



Introduction to Quality Center

• What is Quality Center ?
• Why to use Quality Center
• Version of Quality Center
• Overview of quality Center user interface
• Various tabs in Quality center
• Requirement Module
• Requirement Module Overview
• Creating Requirement tree
• Creating Parent & Child requirements
• Understanding the Description tab
• Understanding the History tab
• Uploading attachments to requirement
• A glance at various columns in requirement
• Types of views in requirement module
• Requirement grid view
• Requirement coverage view
• Test Plan Module
• Creating folder structure
• Create test cases
• Requirement coverage
• Test Lab Module
• Overview of Test Lab
• Detail of various tabs
• Creating folders
• Creating Test sets
• Adding test cases
• Different columns in Execution Grid
• Execution Flow tab
• Scheduling Test runs
• Test Set Properties tab
• Linked Defects tab
• Running Tests manually
• Running Tests automatically
• Viewing Test results
• Quality Center Defects
• Overview of Defects
• Creating defects after test execution
• Adding defects in defect module
• Creating defects during test execution
• Linking Defects
• How to close a defect
• Closing defects after retest
• Mailing the defects
• Quality Center reports & graphs
• Why Reports & Graphs?
• How to create reports & graphs for Analysis?



Introduction to QTP

• What is QTP
• Prepare Before Automation
• Application Under Test
• First look at Add-Ins for QTP
• Understanding the QTP User Interface
• Setting up preferences in QTP before recording

Different versions of QTP(Text based)

• Difference between QTP 9.0 and QTP 8.2
• Difference between QTP 9.2 and QTP 9.0
• Difference between QTP 9.5 and QTP 9.2

Record and run a script

• Record a simple script
• Save the script
• Run the test script
• Understand the result

Introduction to Object Repository

• What is Object Repository
• Types of Object Repository
• Object Repository Manager
• Associating shared Object Repository with test

Shared Object Repository

• Local Object Repository
• Create a shared Object Repository
• Add objects to shared Object Repository
• Save an shared Object Repository
• Modify the shared Object Repository
• Comparing Local and Shared Object Repository


• What is Synchronization
• Synchronization in QTP
• Add Synchronization Steps for an Object

Check Point

• What is Check Point
• Using Standard Check Point
• Using Text Check Point
• Using Access ability check point
• Using XML Check Point

Database checkpoint

• What is database checkpoint
• Writing SQL Query using Microsoft Query
• Parameterize a database checkpoint

Output Values

• What is Output value
• Using Standard Output value
• Using Text Output value
• Using Database Output value
• Using XML Output value

Data Driven Test

• What is Data Driven test
• What is Parameterization